Vastu Shastra (Tips & Solutions)

Vastu Shilpa Shastra is a blend of science, art, astrology and astronomy. This ancient mystic science embodies the customs and rules of designing and constructing buildings. Your life is significantly influenced by the presence of waste articles in the areas of your house which are associated with love.


According to Feng Shui three regions in your home strongly impact your love life. They are the space around your front door, the relationship area (you will soon discover its address in this article) and your love room that is your bed room.

The Space around the Front Door

The major area which has a sway over your love life is the space around your front door. In Feng Shui the main door is called the 'Mouth of Chi' as it strongly influences the flow of Chi into your house. If the front door is filled with clutter or used very rarely then it blocks the Chi from flowing freely.

If the front door is kept free from waste and clutter then you will find that chances to meet a new person will come your way. It is because the front door is related to opportunities. Start using the front door frequently and you will find the magic of flowing energy working for you.

The Relationship Area

To get the address of your relationship area in your home look around the South West region of your house and in the South West part of your bedroom. After doing this check the room or rooms which lie in the right-rear corner of your house and then see at the far right corner of your bedroom. Yes this is your relationship area which if left unattended or is disarranged can make romance divorce your relationship.

The Bedroom

If things remain disorganized in your bedroom then it is possible that your partner and also you may remain exhausted most of the time. If you do not keep it clean then you will feel that you are getting churlish and loosing focus and even sleep may run away from you. If you are single do not think that clutter deserves a place in your bedroom.

By cleaning the key spaces of your bedroom you can create an emotional space which will pave the way for greater clarity about the issues and behavior patterns that encourage problems in your partnership. This clear vision will help you take wise decisions and actions.

According to Shastras, if we worship, revere and respect the lords of these eight directions, they will shower on us their blessings and benefits.

East - He is the king of angels. He gives wealth and all pleasures of life. South-east - He gives us beautiful personality and all the best of life. South - He is god of death.He is embodiment of dharma.He eradicates evils and grants all good things South-west - He vanishes fear about our enemies. West - He is god of rain. He showers his blessings through rain and brings prosperity and pleasure in life all round North-west - He bestows on us long life, health and strength.He is the basic of all life North - He is god of wealth.He grants us wealth and all comforts of life. North-east - He grants us wisdom, knowledge and serve all comforts and relieves us from sufferings. center of house (ground) center of roof

Who does not want all these things in life??? These gods belong to all religions, races and castes and creeds. Now-a-days, when people want to construct a house or other building, they devote more time for minute details of foundation, superstructure, comforts, look, appearance etc. Vaastu is such a vast field which really needs specialization if someone want to study it. There are some basic favorable and unfavorable directions which we use in our daily life.

Vibrations Of Land and House

Every land or home has its own vibrations i.e. cosmic radiations which give exactly idea of what kind of land it is. Lot of time though house is made as per vastu but people living in that don't feel any harmony. That is because of the magnetic or spiritual vibrations. Normal human can’t feel that vibrations. It is advisable to show the house, office, land, factory etc to a vastu consultant before buying. Sometimes land does have some BHUMI DOSHA or presence of bad spirit. Which a buyer can’t feel. Any expert Vastu consultants can easily diagnose the problem. Below are some tips to use Vastu to make your life more happy

Live in Harmony

A perfect harmony of spices in food gives good taste, harmony of colors in clothes gives good looks. In the same way harmony of five elements (earth, fire, water, air, space) in a human body gives health and happiness. Let us see what five elements represent in human body- The earth element gives shape and smell. Water gives blood and other juices in the body. Fire stimulates thirst and hunger. Air supports the feeling of touch. Space provides sound and speech in the body. Harmony in these elements in building structure gives peace and prosperity. Earthen element gives base and stability. Water element gives nourishment to the structure and family members. Air element gives ventilation, flow and opportunities etc. Fire gives food, name and fame. Space element gives growth in every aspect.

Some Do's are

North and eastern direction should be clean, lighter in comparison to south and west walls. Water sources should be in north and eastern directions. Preserve the magnetic energy which flows from northeast. For preserving the energy southwest corner has to blocked, made heavier and higher than any other corner, there should be no doors and windows in the southwest corner. Give place to fire in southeast where sun is at the peaks. No obstruction inside and outside of the doors. Free flow for the energy should be facilitated.

Spice Up The Relation !!!

When a couple gets married, it is natural for each partner to expect and believe that the other one shares same goals and views of life. The way one thinks in turn expects the same from the other partner. When the honeymoon stage (10-12 months) of the relation is over real picture of the partners come up and misunderstandings start coming up. The relation ships get bitter and you start reading relationship books, going to marriage counselors, but nobody looks on environment (Vaastu). Take the example of hot and cold weather and you make the environment accordingly. Your relationship needs a balanced environment. Some Do's and Dont's are :


Use soothing colors in your bedroom like, Pink, Violet, Light green etc. Dark and brighter shades do not let you rest. Room in the southwest corner of plot is peaceful and prosperous for a couple. If possible use a single mattress on the bed. Place a happier mood picture of couple on the southwest corner for stability in relations. Keep the room clutter free, clutter gives only confusion. Place crystals in room near you, rose quartz gives peace and tranquility and understanding in relationships.


No water elements should be allowed in bedrooms like waterfall pictures aquariums, fountain etc. Air conditioners should not be installed on south walls. Do not place pictures of wild animals, God, or pictures which show sadness and violence. Check out the placement of sink and gas stove in your kitchen both element water and fire should not clash.

Face the problems in Commercial World !!! Vaastu the Indian architectural science is designed to guide construction of house and work place structures. Vaastu helps us to attain better living and working conditions, better health, emotional well being and desired growth and comfort in one's life. This Indian science is very smart from modern architecture because not only it helps in good construction in physical sense but also takes care of nature’s subtle energies and radiations. One should always try to get fullest of the life. Vaastu could be a good support to encash your ambitions in life. Let us discuss some of the problems in the commercial world and there connection with vaastu.

Labor Accidents: The most unwanted happening in any industrial organization is labor accidents. In most of the cases it is analyzed that when the North east direction of the building is more elevated and higher in comparison to the south western sides it causes the accidents. Take care that North east should not be burdened, it should not be blocked. The Vaastu purush gets irritated by the North east being higher.

Labor Unrest: Some time you are affected with problems of skilled labor turn out. People come to your organization learn, get themselves skilled and make a move to your competitors. For this kind of problems see your North West areas. The Vayu [ Air ] element may not be balanced in your place. In some of the cases you see the employer in a tense position due to over powering nature of skilled and senior staff. Disobeying the management, none adjustment in the organizational culture is common where the staff is placed in the south western areas of the structure. The people who stay in south western areas become grounded and try to create there own environment. Just check out our staff placements in your building!

Labor Disputes: Labour disputes is a big tension in industry, it hinders the growth of the company without any reasons. Check your Northeast direction may have some fireworks or heat generating equipments. This is one of the causes for frequent labour disputes in your industry or office.

No Business/Orders: Good plant, good technology but still the capacity of the plant or the staff is not occupied. You have the capacity increase the production and turnover but not getting the orders. Check out your north eastern corners, they should not have cuts. Some plots have the North east corners missing. This means the vaastu Purush’s head is cut, the magnetic energies entering the plot is stopped. The North east cut questions that how you can service without the life force energies. Some times the plot is irregular in shape and unfortunately the North east corners becomes missing. In some of the cases when you expend you try to buy piece of land adjoining to the existing plot and this is the start of the problems. Because the peace of land you bought can make the North east cut possible. Analyze the shapes of your plot and relate it to your problems.

Rejection Of Material: Your production staff may be very efficient, what so ever the quality checks you do, but you face the problem of rejection of material or cancellation of order by some other reasons. Check where is your finished goods tore placed. If it is in south or southwestern directions it is totally antivaastu.

Legal Disputes: Lot of time is wasted in leagal disputes with clients, one case gets closed and other is arised.Check your water sources. Is Your water borings, underground water tanks are in southeastern direction of the plot. Southeast is the fire place, Its owner is lord Agnidev. Fire and water are both anti elements and does not remain happy with each other. Giving place to water in place of fire is like having a enemy.

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