T. Rama

I just want to say Dany Soni is a real asset to michigan. I have never seen an astrologer so professional and truthfull. His gemstones have helped me a lot.


Being an I T consultant I never believed in all this. I just called him to find out something a shot. and 2 things he told me about my job for which I laughed a lot . But this guys was absolutely correct. My guess and confidence turned around when I lost job instead of promotion. I know he cant change future but he did told me that right now dont worry about promotion , just worry to keep job.

N. N.

Since it is too personal to write this, but I was having some important issues in my marriage with my husband. Before I share this to Dany he told me everything. and he gave me a simple solutions of wearing Gem stone. After 2 months I realise that my problem was almost 60% over. which was beyond my espectation.


I got Dany soni's reference though google. I spoke to him just before 6 months of my engagement. He told me that it is not a good idea to marry right now for you. I was little stunned because everything was finalised at that point. I forgot that conversation assuming that this is all stupid things. But eventually just 15 days before my engagment ceremony something happen between me and my fiance and we have to end up in breaking engagement. after i recovered from that months after I realise that Dany told me this. I called him again and explained me the right scientific reasons which really made sense to me. Now I ask him every time before I take any decision. Thanks Dany.


I found Dhavalbhai from MI India and since have been able to get excellent outcomes from his guidance. I was in a lot of legal and personal trouble which would have devastated my life and my family's. I sought dhavalbhai's advise and God's will which helped change the Outcome. I am deeply greatful.


I met Dhaval Soni couple of times in course of 2 years. He was nearly 80 % correct on lot of things. One thing I like about this young gentlemen is , He told me - I will tell you what you really need to know about your future, Not the one which you would like to hear. Since I had a experience of 2-3 astrologers in past this seems fair to me. He suggested me to wear couple gemstones. My impression was if I buy from india it will be cheap and I did same through a friend in india. Guess what - after wearing the same i never felt any changes. I approached Dhaval Soni again and he explained me the truth about the gemstone i bought from india. I was cheated big time. I verified the same from other sources too. After that I bought the Gem stone from Dhaval Soni , he gave me certified stone and after wearing that I really felt changes in my life.


This quote by Osho, sums up my experience with Mr. Soni. I met Mr. Soni in June of 2011 and I have to admit that I was a non-believerof astrology before that. But sometimes life brings you to a point where you seek answers from places where you would have not normally looked at. I had a lot going on in my life and felt like I was on a downward spiral. I left lost and could not come to terms with what was happening and my logical mind wanted answers. I had to know why this was happening and when it was going to be over. Mr. Soni looked at my horoscope and explained to me why things had turned out so negative and what possible steps I could take to make my situation manageable. He talked to me in words I could understand and he listened to me when I needed to speak out my frustrations and doubts. He went above and beyond to make sure that I m understanding what is going on. There are a lot of people who can preach you right and wrong but there are very few people who have the ability to see your failures and problems from your perspective and relate to what you are going through. Mr. Soni is one such person. He has been a great help. My take away from this, as Mr. Soni says it “Always remember God in your good times and stay humble and do good. Any misdeeds or mistakes made during your good times will come out during your bad times.” I am really impressed from his Gem Therapy. He suggested me to wear 3 gem stones and I was surprised at that point put it really works. Thanks for all your help,


In 2010 I met Dany with just a curiosity of knowing about astrology. After Reading my horoscope he told me couple of things about my job and personal life. This was a living joke for me. I told my friend (who believed in him a lot) and cracked a big joke. But within 3 months I had some big surprising events started taking place in my life. I had never ever expected all this. Because I believed in reality. I went back to Dany for some solution. He told me real things and gave me to wear couple of gems. My mind was so blank that could not believe that I will be in to this science. But still I tried as there was a real miracle. After two years I can say that I have fixed lot of old problems in my life as well as got better life then what I was having. Thanks Dany.


I saw Dany Soni’s name as a vastu consultant. We were planning to buy house. We thought it to show to him before we buy it. He told me when he saw us first time that why you are buying house right now, this is not a right time. I blindly asked him, why? He told me that you to right now take care of something very important so drop the idea of buying a house. You will get a dream house before end of 2011. My wife didn’t like this as we have waited for a house for a long time. We were about to decide the house and I came to know that my brother was diagnosed with cancer and I have to fly to India on urgent basis. I have to spend a considerable amount for his cure. We were so disturbed with this whole event and we dropped the idea as financially we were not ready to handle everything at a same time. In October 2011 one of my realtors called me saying that I have found a new house for you which set in all your expectations. We just went there and saw the house and we loved it. I took a decision immediately to buy this house. Then I recollected that Dany told me the same. I called him back to see this house. I am really impressed with Dany’s special skills.

B. Patel

After living in America for many years, I did not believe in Vedic Astrology. But Dany really guided me during a critical time of my life. He provided the right direction on overcoming the negative events in that were happening in my family life. Thanks


I am thankful to my friend who introduce me to Dany. The Jewel therapy he recommend had a positive effect on my pending problems and future decisions.Thank You Dany

Uma P

When we bought a house for the first time we had taken the Vastu guideline suggestions from Dhaval Soni. Since then, we have experienced positive and successful times in our home. He does have an insight towards recommending the right house directions per your horoscope.We thank you Dany


Being an American I was hesitant to believe in ancient Indian secrets or vedic astrology. However, for my curiosity I went to Dany for a horoscope reading. To my surprise, after is consultation of my horoscope and with the jewel therapy he recommended I got a better job offer that I was hoping for since a long time ago.Thanks Dany

Savita R

I was told to wear gems from different astrologers in India, but never got any positive results from them. However, when Dany carefully studied my horoscope and suggested the correct Gem Stone, I was surprised! Within a short time, my life was heading in a positive direction. I truly believe in the power of gemstones. Thanks Dany


Thanks for your Vedic guidance on repairing our married life. Thanks Dany

R. Singh

Being a business man I refused to believe in Vedic astrology and anything related to it. But, when the business took a down fall, I had no choice to consult with Dany to see why this failure was happening. But, after a precise and understanding analyze of my horoscope, he recommend jewel therapy with spiritual exercises. Not only did it make me relax but the problems I was facing started to solve one by one . Thanks Dany

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