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For a successful married life, mutual understanding and respect & love between partners play the most crucial role. Therefore it is essential to know if the prospective couple have compatibility with each other or not. We offer matchmaking services to our clients and our matchmaking services depend on various aspects.

Birth details of Boy and Girl in the first page shows each aspect of their own birth details given to us. Charts of Planetary Degrees, Lagna Chart, Chalit Chart, Navamsa Chart, Vimshotari Dasa of both Boy and Girl defines their positions and their compatibility with each other.

After comparing all the aspects, points is given according to their compatibility with each other. Minimum 18 points and maximum 36 points are required for matching the report. If the both gets less than 18 points then it states that the match is not suitable and will have tensions in their marriage life.

Total 8 aspects is compared with each other. The aspects are Varna, Vashya, Tara/Dina, Yoni, Gruh Maitri, Gana, Bhakut & Nadi.


You will get the following details in your Matchmaking

  •   Combined Birth Details of both the Boy and the Girl
  •   Planetary degrees, Lagna Chart, Chalit Chart and Navamsa Chart
  •   Vimshotari Dasha of both the Boy and the Girl in one page
  •   Explanation of major Gunas
  •   Guna Milan Matching Table and Mangal Dosh consideration
  •   Aspects between Male and Female planets

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