Corporate Astrology

Corporate Astrology is the process of considering planets in accordance to companies, industries and institutes. For instance, an individual has their own personal horoscope similarly; every company has its own horoscope. Business astrology provides guidance about the profit or loss of business. By examine future predictions you will able to learn more about competitors, expenses, production, employees and the progress of any company. Furthermore, such predictions about corporate astrology provide an insight on how to establish the following:

  • ast  Name of company or corporation and date of commencement or production
  • ast  How to determine whom should become the owner of the company?
  • ast  How to calculate the correct address of the corporation
  • ast  How to choose the name of partners with the combination of astrology of partners
  • ast  How to choose the office colors, business cards, logos and website
  • ast  Analyzing horoscopes of key employees and executives
  • ast  Where and when to open the business
  • ast  Would it be successful in continuing with a business, how manage losses in the business or would you be better off closing the business and starting a new one
  • ast  What will be the right time frame to expand the business?

To become successful as an individual in life is different from being successful in a business. When you select the name of a company, that name starts carrying its own horoscope. The success of a business depends on how the name goes along with your individual horoscope. The colors of the company including logos should be chosen carefully, because that color will then have a unique connection with your own individual horoscope.

Today many business houses have their own astrologers who decide the opening dates of new plants and products. They also check the horoscopes of the CEO, directors or key employees before hiring them, to see how well they will benefit the corporation. Sometimes individuals are successful in their job but if they start a business in their own name, the success might not be the same as the job because their planets do not support for a business. The selection of a business also matters a lot in corporate astrology. By analyzing and studying your planets, can provide you the right guidance of what kind of business you should invest.

The purpose of corporate astrology is to help make your business decisions easier. It gives you the right guidance on when to slow down and move quickly in your business. Corporate astrology prepares you for hard times.

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